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Deionized finish

L.A. Solar Cleaners offers safe and reliable solar panel cleaning.

At L.A.Solar Cleaners we are a professionally run and fully insured company.
We come equipped with full body harnesses & safety ropes when required.

All of our service personnel & equipment are certified and approved by OSHA standards.

We also use deionized water to eliminate damaging calcium deposits and corrosion. Deionized water has a huge benefits when used to clean your panels. The water leaves no traces of residue behind and it's purity makes for a spot-free shine.

When efficiency matters, LASC offers you a safe and cost-effective way to ensure that your solar panels are functioning to manufacturers specifications.

Commercial Cleaning

Weather you have 100's or 1,000's of systems under management, L.A. Solar Cleaners can schedule you an appointment, serving So-Cal making sure your systems are working at their best.